Oscar Aguilera



Barcelona, Spain


lifelong drive to fuse the elements of house and techno

There are two features that define Oscar Aguilera’s work as a DJ and artist: passion and dedication. OA is a true worker of the electronic scene, which has made himself a place on the local and international scene based on showing his quality continuously with love towards what he does. He is also a powerful performer, who delivers outstanding sets expelling great physical and musical energy in a natural way. And last, he is a producer who is winning, disc by disc and hit by hit, his moment in the competitive world of techno production.

 Aguilera started his professional career as a DJ in the year 2005 with his residency in La Terraza Barcelona, one of the earliest and most legendary house-clubs in Spain, where he stayed until 2011. On that moment he took the leap into the prestigious Enter Group, which took him to hold simultaneous residencies in clubs such as Florida 135 and elrow (in Row14, Poble Espanyol in Barcelona, in Space Ibiza and Fabrik in Madrid) and Monegros Festival, where he played for 4 years in a row and starred the epic closing in the year 2012, in front of 25.000 attendees, and which it is still the most viewed video of the festival.
As a producer, Oscar has worked with multiple labels, self-owned and international. He started with more house-focused labels such as “Travelling Soul Recordings” (which was started by himself in 2009), Soul Of Life (also self-owned, from 2010 to 2011), Lapsus Music, Darkroom Dubs (the label of Silicone Soul), Nervous (from Todd Terry), Suerte, Asymetric Recordings... Until he opted lately for his releases under the most featured labels from the tech-house and techno universe, such as Elevate (from Pig&Dan), 100%Pure / Bitten (from 2000 And One), MKT (from Markantonio), Deeperfect (from Stefano Noferini), Stick Recordings (from Alberto Ruiz), La Pera Records... His first remix was part of the Top 50 sales in Beatport House, and since then, his Tops have continued.
All this work have won him several recognitions from the Spanish media, such as nominations as “Best Artist of the Year for the Public” or “Best Tech-House DJ” in Vicious Awards, or full TV shows, such as his recent documentary “Beyond Oscar Aguilera” in Wattshake TV. Furthermore, this has also granted him with a continuous international presence in clubs where he has played and plays, which special impact in Europe. In the late years, and only to mention a few, he has played in France (Inox, La Villa Rouge, Queen), Italy (Fabrique Milan, Old River Park, Napoli), Germany (Cocoon Club), United Kingdom (Back to Basics, Sankeys, Digital), Belgium (Café D’Anvers), Romania (Studio Martin), Norway, Portugal, The Netherlands... Even crossing the Atlantic ocean towards the latin american market: Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica...
With the arrival of 2015, Oscar Aguilera has gone a step forward in his career and has started new projects, more personal and ambitious as ever. While he keeps a frenetic activity as a DJ and producer, he is preparing for the release of his own brand “Alive”, with which he is recently announcing his first own parties in his city-based Barcelona, and with which, in the future, he threatens to publish his own music.
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