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    Cubbo Podcast #238: Raul Facio (US) Raul Facio
    Cubbo Podcast #238: Raul Facio (US)

    Enjoy this week's podcast with the American artist Raul Facio!

    Since his first release in 2013, Raul Facio has been sculpting his cutting edge sound into something that is truly unique.
    after releasing music for a few months, Raul received enourmous support from DJ's all across the globe. One year later at only
    15 years old, Raul manages to gain support from Richie Hawtin and UMEK, two of the biggest names in Techno. A few months after
    he gains immense support from Italian producer, Stefano Noferini. Raul signs his first track on his label Deeperfect, and
    a couple weeks later is asked to remix Stefano himself. Soon after, Raul and Stefano collaborate on a track that reaches the
    Top 20 on beatport's Techno chart. Fast forward one year later, 16 year old Raul Facio signs his first track on Dubfires mega label
    Sci+Tec Digital Audio. And this is only the beginning.

    2016 marks the biggest year thus far for Raul, early in the year he performed at one of the biggest clubs in California,
    Create in Hollywood. After this he went on to performing in Salt Lake City's Control Room, and it doesn't stop here. In July of
    2016, Raul opened up for superstar DJ Claptone, at one of the best clubs in America, Kingdom Austin. Later that same year
    Raul shared the decks with fellow Sci+Tec artists, Johnny Trika, Lancaster and Julia Govor for a Sci+Tec label showcase
    inside the Panther Room and Output in Brooklyn.

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    Cubbo Podcast #237: Subgate (CZ) Subgate
    Cubbo Podcast #237: Subgate (CZ)

    Enjoy this week's podcast with the Czech artist Subgate!

    DJ Subgate belongs to a respected line of artists involved in the Czech electronic scene where has operated for the last two decades.
    He is known for combing multiple music genres and frequently plays at eminent events in the Czech Republic. He has also toured in Spain, Romania, Italy, Germany, Austria, Costarica and Switzerland. 

In 2010 he created his first composition "Memories" and has since released many other tracks on respected labels like Frequenza, Comade, Happy Techno Music, Phunk Traxx, Avenue nebo NB Records. 

In 2015 he co-founded the music publishing company One Way along with his colleague Tibiza. Together they represent famous Czech and foreign producing talent including Oliver Klein and Bjorn Wilke.

 Subgate's own music production lead him to take part in LIVE performaces.

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    Cubbo Podcast #236 Christian Cambas (GR) Christian Cambas
    Cubbo Podcast #236 Christian Cambas (GR)

    Enjoy this week's podcast with the Greek artist Christian Cambas!

    Scene­defying player. The original sinner. Christian Cambas is one of the few things that Greece can still be proud to flaunt to the outside world.

    From being a Top100 DJ when it actually mattered, to topping Beatport charts, Christian has carved his own path through countless peaks and troughs of this industry. From the days of the San Francisco Love Parade to tours of the Americas and from countless WMC's to European sweatboxes, Christian has grown wings of steel and the miles keep clocking. In the urban wasteland that is Athens, he was anintegral part of the Greek Techno Rebels parties, under the Evolution events umbrella.

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    Cubbo Podcast #235 Belocca (HU) Belocca
    Cubbo Podcast #235 Belocca (HU)

    Enjoy this week with the Hungarian artist Belocca!

    An innovative and forward-thinking producer, Bela Gábor, aka Belocca, has garnered widespread acclaim over the course of his illustrious career, which now spreads across two decades. Famed for his dynamic DJ sets, Belocca fuses his dark and industrial tones with an emotional blend of melodic techno, carving a niche signature sound which has seen the Hungarian amass the support of the finest names in the underground scene, including Marco Carola, Joris Voorn, Richie Hawtin, UMEK, Bart Skils, and Paco Osuna.

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    Cubbo Podcast #232: Sarah Strandberg (US) Sarah Strandberg
    Cubbo Podcast #232: Sarah Strandberg (US)

    Enjoy this week's podcast with the American artist Sarah Strandberg!

    Sarah Strandberg is a DJ/Producer originally from Kalispell, Montana ...She specializes in Techno and Hard Techno//Hardcore.

    After falling in love with the sounds of Techno music, she was later inspired to be involved with the music subculture and take up DJing as a way to express herself. After playing around local venues, she decided to move to an area where electronic music flourishes, Los Angeles. A turning point came to her as she started to find her sound in producing her own music as well. Her favorite artists, DJ OGI, Matt Mus, Atze Ton, Sebatian Groth, Marika Rossa and Dax J have influenced her sound and style. You can find her latest track releases on Technodrome.

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    Cubbo Podcast #231: Jon Connor (UK) Jon Connor
    Cubbo Podcast #231: Jon Connor (UK)

    Enjoy this week's podcast with the British artist Jon Connor!

    From the starry-eyed hedonism of Welsh free party culture in the 1990s, to the new frontiers of Eastern Europe’s burgeoning dance scene, few DJs can lay claim to the pedigree and passion of Jon Connor. A talent as raw as the tougher end of the techno he has played and produced for the last two decades, physical mixing, a constant forward momentum, and an unashamed focus on starting parties are cornerstones of a career that has spanned the rise, fall, and resurgence of the global electronic phenomenon.

    Supertech founder, Bubblejam label bossman, universally respected underground player, and dedicated disciple of the true school of turntablism, his story leaves ego and arrogance in the cloakroom, and places the focus where it should be- music- with sweat saying far more than cliched words ever could. In an age of marketing fakery and artists as brands Connor’s attitude remains rooted in old school rave principles, while his sounds sit on the cutting edge of fast noise. Enough said, he’ll see you down the front.

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    Cubbo Podcast #230: Tim Baker (US) Tim Baker
    Cubbo Podcast #230: Tim Baker (US)

    Enjoy this week's podcast with the American artist Tim Baker!

    Tim Baker, a highly respected international DJ and producer emits a striking devotion to the music he produces, plays and remixes. This native Detroiter has a creative style of Djing, which fuses the funk with menacing percussion for a dramatic and emotional experience. His insight and passion for Detroit techno and house music began advancing in 1984 when he received his first turntables. The music which motivated his early phase of Djing included Cameo, Parliament, the B-52's, Bauhaus, Tangerine Dream, and Brian Eno. In the city of Detroit, the creative energy of the times was just beginning to manifest itself into the musical phenomena of 'techno'. For the 21st century, Tim Baker will continue to uphold the repertoire of his labels by discovering innovative and creative talent. Tim extends his music capacity to new territories acquainting the world with his unique sound and vision. Tim's undeniable propelling force is to provide World Class DJ performances, incredible production and quality entertainment for the masses.

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    Cubbo Podcast #229: Alisa (UA) Alisa
    Cubbo Podcast #229: Alisa (UA)

    Enjoy this week's podcast with the Ukrainian artist ALISA!

    ALISA (formerly known as AlisaSky) Alisa's non-stop energy and passion continues to flow through her unique sound as she consistently challenges herself creatively whilst building her following throughout the world.
    Playing a significant role in the boom of China’s electronic music scene, in 2014 Alisa was invited at the Official Budweiser Tour in China, an event which attracted an audience of over 75,000. In 2015, Alisa went from strength to strength as she became the first resident DJ of one of Guangdong Shengs top tier hotel and bar venues, Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich Hotel, within
    months she took on another reputable residency at Duo Club, a venue specialising in electronic music, attracting a large community of expats in Guangzhou.

    Less than a year after her success in the East, Alisa established her own distinctive sound in
    Electronic music. By 2017, Alisa took her sound into the South East Asian techno scene, where she completed two tours, performing in underground music spots such as Mustache (Bangkok) as well as Xana Beach Club and Cocoon (Phuket) a hot bed of international tech DJs and
    Bangkok’s eminent C Zeck Trendy Club. In 2017 she signed with Italian label Gain records and release her single Mystery Within the same year of 2017 she performed at the official venue of the electronic talent hunters of Rome
    (TechnoPark Roma) and appear on one of Barcelona’s most distinguished radio shows for tech music, Barcelona Room FM where she achieved over 41,000 listeners. Her upcoming remix on Bolygo records(release date late June) and EP on Natura Viva Black(release date16.07.2018) already getting support from names like Animal Trainer and Agents of

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    Cubbo Podcast #228: Luciano Esse (IT) Luciano Esse
    Cubbo Podcast #228: Luciano Esse (IT)

    Enjoy this week's podcast with the Italian artist Luciano Esse!

    LUCIANO ESSE, aka Luciano Sambati, from Salento (Italy), has an expert knowledge of music in all its expression. He starts to work in the early nineties in the italian club scene. Then he joins The Flame Crew and he starts to have the first contact with decks and vinyls.

    He moves to London in 2001 to make deeper his music knowledge and from summer 2002 he starts to play regularly at all the best clubs, from Fabric to The Egg, from The End to The Cross. In 2005 he starts to organise his own party "ZUM" with Antonio De Angelis at the most underground clubs in London. In 2005 he starts his residency with The Flame Music Department in Milan at superclub Amnesia. In summers 2006 and 2007 he is one of the resident djs of "Vitalik Crew" at We Love Sundays at Space in Ibiza. From 2006 till 2010 he is one of the regular djs at the Italian super clubs Clorophilla, Cromie and Guendalina.

    He also played at most of the biggest clubs in Barcelona, Madrid, Moscow, Valencia, Lisbon, Athens, Paris, etc.
    At the moment he is resident dj at Sound Department in Taranto (South Of Italy), which is one of the most underground parties in Italy. The music he plays is basically techno in all its electronic shades. His constant music research never ends and allows him to play always different dj sets that find their trademark in big basslines and groovy rythms.

    In 2007 he starts to produce for Safari Electronique with Arnaud Le Texier. Their first track "Awakenings" is on the Safari Sampler 4. Their "Hazard EP" on Kailash, with remixes by Mark Broom and Le Texier, is out at the beginning of 2008. In October 2008 he releases "Wood EP" on Material Series, with Toni D and remix by Format B. In January 2009 "Liberacion EP" is out on Safari Electronique with Toni D and rmx by Tolga Fidan. November 2009 he releases again with Toni D a remix of Mihalis Safras Interafrica on Trapez Ltd and also the Likra EP on Material Series, with Anton Pieete rmx. Beginning of 2010 he releases with Toni D two remixes, one on Climatic (Jose De Divina's label), one on Paulatine (Affkt's label), one EP called "The Italian Connection" on Leftroom Limited and one EP on the italian label Tenax.

    He released EPS also on Out-Er, Affekt, District66, Aloe, Maison D’Etre, Plus Beat, Recycle, Joyfull Family, Waldliebe Familien, Savor, Sleaze.

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    Cubbo Podcast #227: AGENT! (GER) AGENT!
    Cubbo Podcast #227: AGENT! (GER)

    Enjoy this week's podcast with the German artist AGENT!

    AGENT! alias Andreas Schreck has his roots in the Golden Age of Hip Hop, becoming obsessed with ‘Black Gold’
    (records) at the end of the 90’s. His diverse musical background and formidable skills behind the decks, have paved the way for AGENT!’s signature, open approach to his sets.
    From a long-standing residency at Club Airport in Würzburg to highly requested and respected performances in clubs
    such as D-Edge in Sao Paulo, Fabric in London, WOMB in Tokyo, Tresor in Berlin or Key Events such as WMC in Miami.
    AGENT! is a high power Tech House act and an awesome performer; his sets have energy, precision and most of all,
    vibe. He mixes up styles and moods, but always remains frmly focused on the dance foor’s needs.
    Inspired by his Hip Hop roots, old Funk and 90's techno music, coupled with a great understanding for danceable vibes,he began producing his own music in 2008. Releases on labels including, GET PHYSICAL, COCOON REC, DESOLAT,MOON HARBOUR, LAPSUS MUSIC and more, speak to the quality of his productions.

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