Miss Sheila





One of the most prolific and talented artists in the world

Miss Sheila was born in South Africa, then moved to New York by the ageof 7, there she lived her childhood and as a teenager moved to Portugalwhere she soon discovered clubbing, dance music and DJs. Fascinated bythe art of mixing records and music, she decided to learn and she quicklygets invited to spin at a local night club were she is heard by a DJ agencythat immediately proposed management.

In 1999 Miss Sheila started to spin on a regular basis at the hottestunderground clubs and festivals in the country, that helped her get muchattention and in 2001 she was nominated for the best newcomer award byDance Club Magazine. Since then she has received lots of TV, magazine,and radio exposure.Miss Sheila has gained notoriety for her vibes, at the time weaving fromhouse music to tech house and techno. She has played in Portugal, Spain,Belgium, Holland, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, USA, Canada,Africa, etc. and has also played alongside many of today's superstar Djs.

Miss Sheila released the track “Sheila's Temptation” co-produced withJoeski on Tango Records in 2001, that gave way to her future releases as aproducer till nowadays, on labels like Autektone, Happy Techno, UnityRecords or her own imprint Digital Waves, were she releases original tunes by national and international talent.

Miss Sheila has proved to be consistent, charismatic and a friendly DJ,she's definitely taken female DJing into a whole new era in her country andnow looks forward to showing the world why her unique technique and rhythm gave her the title of Queen of Techno in Portugal

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