Bilbao, Spain


One of the most prolific and talented artists in the world

Essan (Bilbao) is a DJ and producer based in Cantabria (Spain).

She started her career as a DJ in 2015. Her style has evolved since she started from the most elegant melodic Techno to hard rave acid sounds, cold industrial textures and high bpms loaded with vocals and melodies.

Her sessions are mainly characterized by a careful musical selection, in which she tells a story through fine and improvised mixes. She is currently a resident of the Sala Sonora in Bilbao, highlighting her events "Raving by Essan"

She has released on labels from Set About, Pornographic Recs, No Mercy, Sonora Music Label, Vnderstand Recordings, Mazzinga Records and DKN Selections.

Clubs she played at : Sala Sonora (Bilbao), Family Club (Sonseca), Fabrik (Madrid), Florida 135 (Fraga), La Riviera (Madrid), Razzmatazz (Barcelona), Sala KUE (Madridejos), Complejo el Embrujo (Las Gabias), Goya Social Club (Madrid), Bataplán (San Sebastian), Jimmy Jazz (Vitoria), True Club Torremolinos (Malaga), Plattform 7 Club (Valladolid), Sala Óxido (Guadalajara) ....  

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