RELEASE DATE 2019-07-29



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Already supported by: Amelie Lens, Christian Smith, Green Velvet, Karotte, Klaudia Gawlas, Luigi Madonna, Nicole Moudaber, Enrico Sangiuliano, Truncate, Victor Ruiz, Wehbba…

With this EP Kaiserdisco wants to draw attention to mental illness and the use of music as a therapy.

As the boys are having some experiences with mental illness in their family and closer circle of friends, they know that affected people can use music to make themself feel better.

The EP contains three tracks. The first one is an intro, called „Paranoid“. The second one is called „Bipolar Disorder“ followed by the last track „Schizophrenic“.

„Paranoid“ consists of a repetitive chord melody, which starts quietly and dry. By using delay and reverb effects, the track builds up more and more energy until it finally discharges in a musical thunderstorm.

„Bipolar Disorder“ shows two different faces, similar to the symptoms of the disease. This proper techno track is running and running with it’s triple eights monoton synthline, gets fuller and increases more and more tension until it changes completely to show it’s second face and turns to an unexpected emptiness with a brutal and mind-blowing signature bass sound.

„Schizophrenic“ finally comes up with a quirky and never ending, short melody which bores itself into your head and into your mind. This little synth theme feels like it is chasing you like a subliminal message, that wants to make you dance and go crazy.