New Artist: Arado (DE)

Cubbo is happy to announce that the in Germany residing artist Arado has joined our ranks. Welcome!

Sometimes it only takes a single release to set an artist on a
tumultuous path. Arado’s adventure begins as such with his debut
release in autumn 2009. From Desolat he takes the “Uganda Express”
whose Wild-Pitch not only sent him straight on the playlists and
charts of major issuing music DJs furthermore it turned out to be an
one way ticket to an international DJ career.

After a few stopovers on Area Remote, Allin and Dame Music he is
headed for Moon Harbor and he shoots again for the stars with „Strange
Neighbors“ The scene and press both agree on the fact that house made
in Germany has never sounded so mondial like with Arado.

This is verified by Arado’s following releases on Cecille, Etruria and
Italy’s on the rise label Moan Recordings and Remixes for Pascal FEOS,
Martinez, Marco Faraone, Yaya, Tom Flynn, Oliver Klein and Bunten

Constantly developing grooves and deepness grabbing ahold with artful
placed elements of surprise is not only the character of his
productions Arado also brings it to the decks. The charismatic DJ from
the Rhineland demonstrates this as he tours the world side by side
with the leading DJ elite.

Once infected with the Arado bug it’s nearly impossible ever to
recover. With amazing shows at places where he is known the best are
Extrema (BE), Thaibreak, WMC (Miami) and Sonar (Barcelona). At Open
Airs such as Kiesgrube (Neuss), Woodstock69 (NL), Pollerwiesen (DE)
and on the worlds best party island Ibiza where he plays at Space and
Sankeys. You can also find him often at Frankfurts Cocoon Club, Café
D’Anvers (NL), Tenax (IT) and in New York. No matter where his journey
may take him Arado will never lose sight of his home base the 102 Club
in Neuss. His residency allows him on a regular basis back to his
native party haven were Arado is well known for celebrating excessive
sets way past the crack of dawn.

Keep an eye on Arado as he will soon be coming to sound system near

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